About Us

Valerie's Bio

I was born. I'm still alive...

Kidding! I'm Valerie and here's a little about myself.

I love acting, photography and basically all things art. I studied graphic design and acting, but besides making a few designs, and participating in a few short films and theater plays, I never really worked on those fields until recently, when I decided I wanted to do and live off of something I truly loved.

Seeing as I love to paint and draw, I decided to start Enzo with my brother. I’m the artist behind the drawings you see on our website, books and products. I always felt better after seeing a beautiful painting or a cool design, so I wanted to transmit that same feeling to others.

Follow me on Instagram: @valeriesijat 


Ferenc's Bio

My sister thinks she's funny...


My name is Ferenc and here's a little about myself.

I love to create beautiful products. I also love digital media and technology. I actually created this website you're currently browsing!

As I have a lot of experience with marketing on digital, I also create our campaigns, which are hopefully getting you here :).

You can follow me on Instagram here: @ferencsijat


All of our art is done with great attention to detail and care.

Thank you for browsing!